Making Your Water a Better Quality

At Kinetico Quality Water, we are committed to helping you find the right product to ensure your home has the best quality of water. We have a wide selection of Tucson water softeners and products that are independently certified to help ensure you are getting the right system. Water softeners can be a crucial part of any home in the Tucson area since they help to protect your pipes, fixtures, and appliances from the dangers and corrosive compounds found in hard water.

We can help you select the best water softener for your property, such as:

Premier Quad Series: This hybrid unit both softens and filters your water by using the kinetic energy of moving water, not relying on gas or electricity. Dual tanks provide treated, chlorine free water 24/7. Features on-demand regeneration so no need to adjust timers when you have company or worry about wasting your resources like other systems that clean when it is not necessary.


Twin Tank Non-electric Softener: Similar to the hybrid unit, this water softener features a dual tank design to provide unlimited treated water and cleans itself in soft water. Works off water pressure so it softens even if your power goes out. It does NOT remove chlorine.


Single Tank Softener: An economical option for softening water. Features on-demand backwash based on your water usage, not a timer.


Kinetico Quality Water is Tucson’s Water Softener Provider

If your home or business in Tucson, Arizona has been experiencing hard water problems, depend on Kinetico Quality Water’s water softener systems for relief. Hard water can cause mineral buildup on your fixtures, reduce the cleaning efficiency of your soaps and detergents, and even damage appliances. Our water softeners help remove the minerals that cause water hardness, such as calcium and magnesium. If you notice a film on your shower doors or sinks, spotty dishes, or dry skin, hard water may be a problem at your home in Southern Arizona. Request a free water analysis from our team of experts to confirm or deny your suspicions. We will carefully evaluate your water and offer Kinetico water softener solutions as necessary. Call us today to learn more.

Determining If Your Home Has Hard Water

Hard water is not an uncommon aggravation for homeowners throughout the U.S., but Arizona has some of the hardest water in the country. Much of the water available to Tucson-area homes accumulates high levels of calcium and magnesium on its way from the Colorado River to the kitchen sink. As a result, you probably notice your dishes have chalky streaks and spots even after you wash them. You may also have trouble getting laundry detergent out of your clothes, experience dry skin following a shower, and recognize a funny taste when you drink from the faucet. If you identify with any of these telltale signs, request a free water analysis from Kinetico Quality Water. We will contact you within one business day to arrange a time for an evaluation.

Benefits of Kinetico Water Softeners in Tucson, AZ

Hard water causes damage to pipes, faucets, and fixtures. These problems will not simply go away on their own, so it is essential to take advantage of a water softener system from Kinetico Quality Water. Shortly after investing in a water softener in Southern Arizona, you will notice:

  • Cleaner fixtures
  • Softer, cleaner skin and hair
  • Softer, more vibrant clothes and towels following a wash
  • More-efficient water heater, coffee maker, ice machine, dishwasher, and laundry equipment
  • Reduced energy costs

Kinetico Quality Water Offers A Variety of Water Softeners

Not all water softener systems are created equally. Kinetico Water consultants take into consideration several factors before recommending specific equipment including size of home, number of residents, pipe size and exact water conditions. Kinetico Quality Water has a host of certified product options to satisfy the needs of all Tucson-area homeowners. Our friendly staff can help you differentiate among the choices to determine which is ideal for protecting your pipes, fixtures, and appliances from the corrosive compounds present in hard water. Our products include:

  • Premier Quad Series – This hybrid unit uses the kinetic energy of moving water to soften and filtrate. Without having to rely on gas or electricity, its dual tanks provide treated, chlorine-free water for your home. The premier quad series features on-demand regeneration that eliminates the need to adjust timers or worry about wasting resources through unnecessary.
  • Twin Tank Non-Electric Softener – This Kinetico water softener also features a dual tank design to deliver unlimited treated water to your home. This self-cleaning product uses water pressure as an energy source, so you can rest assured you have clean water even if the power goes out in your neighborhood. However, it does not remove chlorine.
  • Single Tank Softener – For homeowners seeking an economical option, our single tank water softener efficiently removes calcium and magnesium from your water and features an on-demand backwash based on your water usage.

Contact Kinetico Quality Water Today

Do not suffer from irritated, dry skin or tolerate soap scum on your dishes, appliances, and bathtub because of Southern Arizona’s hard water. Kinetico Quality Water has numerous water treatment options to help protect your home and property. Let our team help you understand the benefits of a water softener system as well as a high-quality drinking water system. We are happy to provide whole-home solutions to ensure the water you use to clean your clothes, bathe in, prepare your meals, and hydrate is clean and pure. Contact us today to learn more.

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